Week 1: Settling In

So on their first day Martyne goes to Aleister’s Elixirs and Sundries to try to learn alchemy before heading to Commonwealth Court to register as a self employed alchemist. Primo goes to the Bloom Institute of Wellness to start in the Science Career Track as a Test Subject. He then goes around town collecting harvestables to begin a home garden. With §13,500 after purchasing their land and an idea of their ideal dream home they decide to save as much as they can building a fence for Primo’s home garden (on the advice of some locals) and a room with the best bed available (they are after all newlyweds and can benefit from a good night’s rest) using public washrooms and fruits harvested by Primo for food. At the end of their first day Primo has reached level two in Gardening and went to fish at That Old Fishing Hole. Martyne has reached level two in Alchemy after learning how to make vials of bliss and. She sold two of her vials and threw one at Flint MacDuff. Outside of Aleister’s, she found and collected a mission blue butterfly, a monarch butterfly and a ladybug. They both visited the H Two the O Indoor Pool to use their facilities and drink from their juice bar.

The next day, they both awoke ravenously hungry having had nothing but a drink all day the day before. Since they each awoke at different times they both went to Sam’s Market Diner separately after which Primo went to his first day of work and Martyne went to feed, clean and harvest honey from the bees at Aleister’s, collecting a red admiral butterfly, before continuing creating vials of bliss. After work Primo works in his garden before meeting with Martyne to take her out for lunch at the diner after which they went to the indoor pool to tidy up before bed.

By Tuesday, Primo and Martyne have gotten into a daily rhythm where Primo goes off to work at the lab and Martyne creates vials of bliss to sell and throw at random Sims often collecting bugs and butterflies, cleaning, feeding and harvesting honey from the beehives at Aleister’s. However she is attacked by bees which force a feral change into her werewolf form. She threw vials at Faith, Joe and Jules MacDuff and Rick Durwood. Afraid to go home to her husband in her current state, she decides to stay at Aliester’s and work on her alchemy skill until the effects could be worn off and advances to level 4. Primo is offered a job opportunity to read Living With Mutation to increase job performance and relationship with his boss. He comes home from work, works in his garden, goes to the indoor pool to tidy and read his book before going home to sleep.

Wednesday Martyne finds her first gem (a smoky quartz) and light beetle before continuing mixing vials of bliss. Martyne sold her vials and received a double promotion skipping Assistant Scavenger position and securing the Recipe Tester position. Her celebrations would be cur short, however, as she has to hide yet again from her husband the fact that on nights of the full moon she is once again helpless to her feral urges. She uses this time away from Primo to hunt for things that may be useful in her ever growing hunt for a cure. On her hunt she found rubies, blue topaz, citrine, alabaster, yellow sapphire, jade, quartz, rainbow gem, copper, tungsten carbide, silver, a monarch butterfly, a two-tailed pasha butterfly, a moth and a green will-o-the-wisp. Primo received his first promotion to Lab Tech. He comes home to finish tending his garden and continue his daily ritual.

Thursday Primo still hasn’t seen his wife but he resolves to begin learning handiness while waiting for this wife and on his crops to grow. By morning, Martyne is no longer bound by the wills of the moonlight, but is not yet tired. So, after getting something to eat she deposits her loot from the night before, pays their bills, clean the house and return to Aleister’s to continue honing her alchemy skill. She reaches level 5 in alchemy, throws a vial of bliss at Joanie MacDuff and consigns the remaining vials. It is morning before she tidies and finally joins her husband in bed soon before he leaves for work the next morning.

On Friday, Primo received another promotion to Useless Contraption Manipulator. He comes home to work in his garden before going to bed. Martyne increases her alchemy skill to level 6, throw vials of bliss at Bailey and Chester Swain consigning the rest. She then sees about her needs and goes in to bed.

ucm promotion

Since Primo doesn’t have any work, he sleeps in on their first Saturday morning in their new place, before working on his handiness skill while awaiting for his wife to wake to ask her on a date. He took her to the dinner, then they both went to the indoor pool before returning home talking and whoohooing for the first time ending a good date. Martyne earns a promotion to Junior Mixer while on their date by selling her items raising her consignment reputation to decent.

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