Moonlight Falls: An Intro, A Summary, A Whole New World

I fell in love with The Sims franchise with The Sims 2 Late Night expansion and have been playing ever since. I have even been accused of being somewhat of an addict. I also have a passion for writing. Recently I saw an article which combined my two loves. “One way to have an enjoyable full experience playing The Sims would be to blog out the experiences of your characters”.  So here we are “Beneath the Moonlight Falls”. I hope to document the adventures of the Fallons and all their descendants as I also go through all the Lifetime Wishes (for all the expansions I currently have and I hope to expand my list soon)

Meet the Fallons:

I like to create my family with extremes just to see how the genetics line up

Primo Fallon is the definition of tall dark and handsome. Martyne Belblanc was a fair beauty with a dark secret.

Martyne was born into a family of werewolves. She was always self conscious of this fact and refused to even attend school for fear of others knowing her secret and the possibility of hurting others. She kept to herself mostly opting instead to bury herself in books and research trying to find a cure for her lycanthropy. On one of her frequent trips to the library she met Primo who was always known to be a nerd growing up. It was love at first sight. Even though Martyne kept her monthly changes hidden from him and even though Primo suspected Martyne was hiding something from him the two got married.  The two young newlyweds move into a large plot of land in moonlight falls trying to start and raise their family laying down some roots. Primo’s love of gardening, fishing and his handiness made him a natural fit for being a scientist and Martyne decided to attempt studying alchemy to find a cure to her problem.

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