Now Casting for Upcoming TV Commercial

Theatrebuzz Callboard 3.0 | @TTPANetwork

Seeking: “Persons with interesting looks” 

Woman 20-26 years

Woman 26-35 years

Woman with long hair 30-36 years

Teenage boy- 13-18 years

Man- 50 + years

For: Upcoming TV commercial

Contact Info:


We are looking for persons with interesting looks for an upcoming TV commercial;

Persons with brightly coloured hair, funky hairstyles, bald headed men and women, women with long hair etc.

Additionally, if you are willing to dye your hair or are willing to wear a wig, pictures and contact info to

If you are also interested in doing Radio ads, please email me a voice demo or drop it off at our office on Herbert Street.
Thank you.

Leah Ann Jones

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