Happy Valentine’s/Single Awareness Day


Sorry for the delay. So the main vent today is ‘Valentine’s? Bah humbug’. A day which used to be used to celebrate the love of young lovers has become so commercialized and have been made into a spectacle which, though great for people in relationships most times, makes for agonizing awareness for the singles around them. The public displays of affection in the way of flowers, candy, etc… It’s like saying ‘I’m getting rewarded for being in a relationship. You can’t hold one so nothing for you.’ Now how fair is that?

So Dustin Barnes from Mississippi State University started the Single Awareness Day movement because I mean when else do unrelated people feel more aware of the fact that they are single than on the day to celebrate relationships.


Singles’ Awareness Day (officially celebrated the day after Valentines) is for three types of people, all of whom are not in relationships.

  • You have the people who are completely anti-Valentine and honestly have become so bitter that they active look on with bitter contempt at those in their relationships.


  • Then the other two are parties.

– The first party to find their new true love at Singles meet and greets


– The second party to celebrate the fact that they are Single and they have learnt to enjoy and live with that fact treating themselves at Valentine’s


I must say I do admire the last group. I think they are the ones who would be best at relationships. They have learnt that they do not need a significant other to be happy but can be happy all on their own. If and when they do go into relationships, it would not be to be happy. Meaning that their happiness would be enhanced by and not dependent on their partner.

As for my earlier statement about Valentines being great for people in relationships ‘most times’. That addendum was added because it can tend to be pretty stressful for people in relationships. Other than being pretty biased in favor of the females, which I say quite unbiased, ‘the thought that counts’ never really cut it. At all stages of the relationship the thought of the appropriate gift comes into question. ‘Is it too soon?’ ‘Is it too much?’ ‘Do we go out?’ ‘Do we stay in?’  ‘Should I cook?’ ‘Should I order in?’ ‘Is this dress too scant?’ ‘Is it too much?’ ‘How do we get the kids out of the way?’ ‘Should we all do something together as a family?’ ‘The spice has totally left this relationship. I think we should end this.’ And yes sadly Valentine’s somehow became one of the major times break ups occur.

I’m not going to pretend to be Dr. Ruth Westheimer and give some great tips about relationships because I honestly only have the experience of novels and movies. And let’s face it real life is seldom like a movie. But every once in a while trying to recreate it would help (that’s where the ‘it’s the thought that counts’ comes in.) Don’t just think about doing it. Actively try to do it and if it falls short of the plan that’s ok. You can try again another time or try something else. Do try to change up routine every now and then. And guys, I know this next one worse than taking a bullet, but talk to each other. You won’t ever know what’s wrong unless you do. Sometimes it’s a problem that can be fixed sometimes its just to ease the burden you may be carrying alone. But you will never know unless you talk it out.

Whether it is to get closer to your significant other or to yourself, many people opt to do something special from a wide array. But most importantly I urge you to be safe and have fun.



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