Unheard Voice of Tears

Unheard Voice of Tears

Sexual abuse is just one of the many forms of abuse that children endure. ‘The Unheard Voice of Tears’ was written by Charlotte because she thought that it was the only way for her mother to understand and listen to her.

I decided to write a piece on steps which can drive an average teenager, like herself, to committing suicide. I felt that I needed to give the victims a voice so that people especially the perpetrators of this heinous crime, could see the anguish they cause. I chose this genre because it personalizes the issue and helps the reader to understand better how this atrocious act can affect the victims.

In the Communications Studies portfolio I hoped to bring across the severity of the child abuse crisis. In some cases like in ‘Battered Not Broken’ there is a happy ending. But in others, as in ‘The Unheard Voice of Tears’ there is only sorrow, pain and destruction left in its wake.

It is true that some degree of discipline is needed for a better upbringing of today’s youth and by extension, today’s society. But how far does discipline go before the abusive line is crossed? It is true, too, that abused children become abusive people and abusive parents. When will the cycle then end?

We need to be able to observe, understand and relate to the abused mind and help stop the abuse from continuing the next generation before we all end up in a world of abuse.


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