Battered But Not Broken

Battered but not broken

Child abuse, in my opinion, is one of the major crises that we as human beings have to deal with. Adults who have been abused as children have been known to be at the root of other major problems such as crime, mental illnesses and suicide. They may also become abusers in future relationships.

Therefore I decided that, as one of our most important problems in our society-or any society for that matter, I based a Communications Studies portfolio theme on ‘Child Abuse’.

My reflective pieces included a diary entry titled ‘The Unheard Voice of Tears’, a dramatic piece titled ‘Battered But Not Broken’ as well as a rational for each of the two pieces.

I have chosen child abuse as my theme because, as a child of the Caribbean, one is only too aware of the ‘abuse’ children are subjected to because their parents want what is best for them or do not know any better as that was the way they were treated in their childhood. As a budding psychologist, I have chosen this subject because it has been a main root cause of psychopathic behavioral patterns and it is interesting to try to understand the minds of those who may just be labelled mentally unstable instead of learning their problem and trying to help them.

‘Battered But Not Broken’ is a dramatic piece to demonstrate the physical and emotional changes that may be observed with an abused child.

The purpose of this piece is to highlight, to the audience, the awareness of their rights to ‘divorce’ their parents if they are in an abusive environment. In addition it shows how you can recognize the signs of a victim and how you can reach out to help. The piece could be used for public broadcasting to help demote child abuse in the family unit.


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