This is yet another play I attempted although it is not of my own design. As a child I adored the ballet and although due to certain circumstances I had to discontinue practice my love for it continued. This coupled with my love of reading, my parents presented me with a book of ballets. One of these were called ‘Coppelia’. I sought to share my love with my peers. Unfortunately many do not see the merit of ‘prancing around a stage in dance and song’ unless it is a Disney movie which of course they think they are too old to watch anyway. So I attempted to dramatize, modernize and localize it (i.e. more Trinbagonian) and removed the dancing. The result is ”Coppelia”. I named the title in quotes since, other than the fact that it isn’t truly a Rogue original, you would notice that not one character is named ‘Coppelia’ which was the name of the main character in the original ballet. It was my opinion that the name did not sound in place of what I wanted to do with the play.

Also this is an interactive play. I had every intention of producing this play in such a way to make the audience feel as though the play was happening all around them instead of just in front of them. I have not had the chance to perform it yet, but I am still hopeful and when I do I intend to wow my audience.


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