Upcoming attractions

As I’ve alluded last week I’ve decided to make my posts more themed. So on different days, there would be a different theme. There would be:

Submission Sunday- where I submit one of my original works

Motivational Monday- where I would attempt to post something motivational

Thoughtful/Thesaurus Tuesday- Just a topic, question, word or other where I hope to leave you thinking for a little while

Wicked Wednesday- Something a little naughty this way comes to spice up those mid week blues

Jovial Thursday- At least once a week you should laugh until you cry (although I do hope it happens more than just once a week)

Venting Friday- Are you mad? Sometime I can get really upset. Tell me your ails (publicly or privately via my facebook page) and I will share mine. They say sharing helps take the load off and it is always much easier to carry if someone helps

Scientific Saturday- This is my little way of keeping up with the world scientific advances today and hopefully share with you.


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October 26, 2013 · 4:15 am

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