One Day, One Day, Congotay (The first of many… I hope)

One day, one day congotay

So I was thinking (a dangerous past time I know but I dabble in danger from time to time). Maybe I can try a timeline kind of thing. Show how my writing skills progress through the ages (although you can be prepared to find that they are not always done chronologically since I don’t have everything all in one place. But as I find them I’d try to place them as well as I can). Once a week if possible.

Anyway this first one was done as an English assignment to help us understand the usage of colloquialisms in fourth form.



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5 responses to “One Day, One Day, Congotay (The first of many… I hope)

  1. This is my first actual link and was a kind of trial and error basis as well.
    Instructions are as follows. Click on the link provided when you hover over the title ‘One Day, One Day, Congotay (The first of many… I hope) and you should be sent to sign in to google drive. It should come up as a pdf. file
    I hope you enjoy reading.

  2. Will be following along.

  3. Adanna Mayers

    I enjoyed the story; although im not completely sold on Jessie learning her lesson so quickly, through her remembering her grandparent’s saying.
    I’m glad no explanation was given as to where were her parents. It can be touched on if you intend to continue Jessie’s story or never touch on it, it adds to Jessie’s mystique!
    Good writing! I would however ask for you to be aware of who your audience is, I would get the language but others may not; simple may work better depending on ur audience.
    A lovely piece.

    • Thank you warmly for the very informative, constructive criticism.
      With respect to the language it was for an English assignment on local colloquialisms. I left it as it was since I am attempting to show my progression as a writer from then to now. Admittedly of my other pieces also includes partially, if not totally, Trinbagonian dialect since I have tried to make it more relatable to my peers. However since My audience, hopefully, have increased to a global stage, so has my language. (An insider’s note, some of my work I have been working on involves French, Hindi and Cockney words and phrases among others)
      Also, as I said this was a short story assignment. But you have repeated another comment that I had heard before about continuing with these short stories as an opening chapter. I hadn’t intended to do that with Jessie but I will keep this mind. I may not generate a full story for some of these characters but most definitely may give them cameo appearances in others.
      Thanks for the idea and again for the critique.

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